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Welcome to Solvigen GmbH

Solvigen aspires to be a premium healthcare innovation success company. Our core focus lies in leading the development, acquisition, and distribution of healthcare innovations, establishing ourselves as a prominent player in the German and global market.

At Solvigen, we deeply value diversity in healthcare industry innovation across products, technology, and services across various geographies. We prioritize safeguarding German and global innovation success, ensuring that it not only benefits our company but also contributes to Germany’s economy by creating opportunities for deserving talents in the future.

Our ultimate goal is to contribute to building a healthier world through cutting-edge German and global innovative solutions.


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Our mission

With a passion for igniting healthcare transformation through innovation, our aim is to emerge as a global leader in healthcare innovation success and revolutionize healthcare industries. We accomplish this by harnessing groundbreaking German and global innovation, technology, fostering strategic alliances, and creating inspiring economic prospects that not only elevate our company but also make significant contributions to the German economy. Together, we improve lives, empower businesses, bridge the innovation gap, and shape a radiant future powered by scientific and life-transforming healthcare innovations.


Innovation for life!!

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Our Core Values: Why choose us?


We uphold unwavering integrity, transparency, ethical standards, and accountability in every aspect of our business operations.

Innovation and Agility

Embracing a culture of innovation and agility, we leverage groundbreaking technologies and solutions to revolutionize the healthcare industry.

Access for Equal Opportunity

Our unwavering dedication lies in expanding the reach of groundbreaking innovations in healthcare to every corner of the world, ensuring that everyone can benefit from our solutions.


We strongly believe in the power of synergy and actively engage with colleagues and partners in the healthcare industry to create mutually beneficial relationships, driving innovation and expanding our reach in the healthcare horizon.


Our commitment to delivering products, technology, and services of the highest quality ensures positive healthcare outcomes and customer satisfaction.


We empower businesses in the healthcare industry through strategic consulting services, supporting their growth, and connecting skilled professionals to fill workforce gaps.

Customer Focus

Prioritizing the needs and satisfaction of our customers, we strive to exceed their expectations through German standard personalised solutions and service.

Knowledge Acquisition

Embracing a culture of continuous learning and development, we stay abreast of the latest advancements in the healthcare industry, its trends, and market dynamics to maintain our competitive edge.

Respect for Differences

Fostering an inclusive, equitable, and diverse multicultural team, we unleash boundless talent and innovation. Valuing and appreciating all, we nurture their potential, celebrating their creativity, and expertise as growth contributors.

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